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New aged care facility in Klang offers luxury senior care living at low cost

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

There’s a new aged care facility in town, but you would probably not recognize it from the entrance.

Genesis Care Residences, which offers senior living and short-term rehabilitation care options is set to open in December 2018 in it first location situated along Jalan Istana, Klang. When it does open its doors next month, Genesis will be the first of its kind full service hotel residence catering for the aged. The premises was previously operated as a boutique hotel before being re-purposed into what can only be described as Malaysia’s most comfortable and well equipped aged care facility yet. The 45,000 square foot facility maintains its hotel like interior and exudes a resort like feel throughout the facility making its residents feel relaxed and at ease.

That’s part of Genesis Healthcare Group’s philosophy as described by its co-founder, Dr. Phang Sue Ling, “we genuinely believe that our residents should be entitled to feel joyous and happy about the place they live and wake up in every day”, she said, adding that she hopes that its residents can enjoy a renewed sense of dignity and self-respect when living within the residence.

In refurbishing the hotel into an aged care facility, the group of healthcare entrepreneurs behind Genesis hoped that they would be able to remove that age-old stigma attached to sending aging parents off to old folks homes when caring for them independently is no longer an option. “We wanted to create a place that our residents could feel at home in and their families could be at ease knowing that their loved ones are in good hands and among good company”, said operations director Dr. Lyndon Thomas.

“We allow our residents to customize their individual living spaces by allowing them to pick and choose how they want to live within the residence. From choosing the colors of their walls and moving furniture around in order to suits their individual needs, we go to great lengths in order to give our residents a sense of belonging to their individual spaces”, Lyndon added. “We really just want our residents to make this their home and we just work within the facility to provide them with whatever assistance they need”.

The facility is all encompassing and includes qualified nursing staff, customized meal plans by Genesis’s resident nutritionist, tv with astro, refrigerators, and air-conditioning in every room. Genesis dedicates an experienced doctor as the centre manager at the facility. Dr. Shankar is available on premises every day and ensures that all its residents medical needs are catered to.

Dr. Phang Sue Ling explains, “at full capacity, Genesis is capable of accommodating up to 70 residents within our Klang location. We are already seeing very good take up of our capacity in Klang due to our very affordable pricing options. We cost less then what it would cost to house your loved ones within a bungalow unit setup that usually come with little or no amenities and no professional medical support”.

All our prices are inclusive of meals, nursing care services, doctors visits, and physiotherapy sessions.


Genesis Care Residences is located in Puteri Garden Hotel Klang, Garden Business Centre, No.3, Jalan Istana, 41000 Klang. For more information, visit the website at or call +6012 321 0457

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