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We continually strive to provide world-class healthcare through its network of general outpatient clinics. We aspire to change the
face of primary care by redefining the patient experience and the quality of care provided in our clinics.

Why Own a Genesis Clinic

Through a GENESIS Clinics partnership, you are able to run your own business and share in many of the advantages, support and economies of scale available to a larger company AS WELL AS be part of the booming wellness trend in the primary care industry.

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Financial Support

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Buying Power

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Start your own clinic

with an initial investment

as low as RM40,000

Benefit from GENESIS Clinics established brand, lead-generating
advertising campaigns consistent marketing, and a strong social
media following

Capitalise on the advantage of being part of GENESIS Clinics’ unique buying power through an in-house pharmacy warehouse and established supplier contacts

Receive on-going professional training and
technical support from GENESIS Clinics experienced team enabling you to provide
premium service.

Owning a Partnered Clinic Makes a lot of sense

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Its much more than GP
clinics. We focus on each
individuals healthcare
objectives. Thats the
GENESIS Healthcare

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GENESIS Clinics relies on great people to provide the best possible service to our clients so thank you for your interest
in joining the GENESIS Team!