Who We Are

Genesis Heatlhcare Group is a primary healthcare group based  out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that continually strives to provide world-class healthcare through its network of general outpatient clinics in Malaysia. We aspire to change the face of primary healthcare in our home markets by redefining the patient experience and the quality of care provided in our clinics.


  • Emergency Services

  • ​Family and Internal Medicine

  • ​Infectious Diseases Care

  • ​Endocrinology Services

  • ​Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)

  • ​Pain Management Services

  • ​Pharmacy

  • ​Rehabilitation Services

  • ​Heart Care Services

  • ​Women's Health Services

  • ​Paediatric and Adult Immunizations 


Genesis`s chain of clinics specialize in the practice of Urgent Care and a Primary Care Medicine. We are dedicated to serving the community through personalized and timely medical visits. We aspire to continue setting up more clinics close to the heart of booming neighborhoods and thriving communities near you. We open all our practices with the goal of breaking down the barriers between doctors and patients by establishing accessibility, transparency, and affordability to the practice of medicine. We hope to be in your neighborhood in the near future.

Our Value Statement

Genesis Healthcare delivers wholesome, personalized healthcare to individuals and their families enabling each person to live well and attain their best healt We do this by: providing the highest quality of personal care, attention, and advice to target the specific healthcare needs of an individual. breaking down the doctor-patient barrier by taking the time to educate and inform our patients about their health care concerns. redefining the patient experience provided in our clinics Our patients feel assured and confident that they are receiving the care they deserve to proactively manage potential health risks and look after their current health concerns.

Redefining the experience and delivery of primary healthcare


We take the time necessary to deliver quality care.

"The natural healing force in each one of us is the

greatest force in getting well"

                                                           - Hippocrates